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Happy Birthday Tasha!

Happy birthday Tasha! Captured some images of my first cousin’s 50th birthday celebration with her family and friends. So enjoyed the event. The food was amazing. Everything was great… especially, since I believe we haven’t come together as a family since we became aware of the coronavirus in early 2020. It was held at Mike…

Photography – Mother and Son

Was able to get in some freelance photography, in the heat of the day, while in New Orleans. Enjoyed capturing a few candid moments with Helena Dixon and her beautiful little boy, Caiden. Lovely family.

Creative Photography Session – 06.13.21

Hanging out with my good friend, Treyvon, creator of the clothing style and brand Leroy Rockman. Check out his Instagram. We did a little freelance photography at my cousin’s house. Capturing some moments in time, as we live life and enjoy life.


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